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don't you see the starlight? don't you dream impossible things?

we're made of starlight, starlight

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who needs love?
I am a person with feelings, ambitions and hope. I am driven, yet indecisive. I'm easy to please and I try my hardest to please. I'm scared, but I'm going to try anyway. I am loved by my friends and family, and I love them. I don't, I refuse, to take hints. I'm oblivious to anyone trying to tell me something in a roundabout manner -- because I don't like to, no scratch that part, I hate making assumptions. I like straight-forward people, yet that still have tact. I have been let down so I am afraid of letting people down. I hate being unsure of anything, but I'm unsure of so many things. I am unsure about my future, but I am sure of what I want it to be. I am unsure about my feelings, I'm conflicted, but I take it a day at the time. But I am sure that life goes on. I am sure that I have to take care of my heart, and never give it to someone until I'm sure. I am sure that I will forgive, but I will never forget.


You know, people always ask, "Are you okay?"
Because they're never really expecting the truth.
Cause the reality of the matter is,
If I was okay, you wouldn't really have to wonder.